Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine - XN900840 - Piano Black

Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine – XN900840 – Piano Black

We at love to go out and enjoy coffee, but sometimes you need to have the perfect cup of coffee at home. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine – XN900840 – Piano Black.

Unleash the coffee artist within you with the Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine – XN900840 – Piano Black, where every brew is an artwork in the making, and every sip is a dive into premium coffee excellence.

Nespresso unveils the VertuoPlus coffee machine, designed to craft impeccably brewed coffee adorned with a luscious crema, available in four tailored sizes. Choose from the hearty 414ml Alto, standard 230ml Mug, the 150ml Gran Lungo with an Americano twist, or the intense 40ml Espresso, each option available at a simple button touch. This machine is adapted to utilize three distinct capsule sizes, each designed for a specific brew.

Nespresso’s coffee connoisseurs have meticulously selected and roasted each coffee blend. They’ve introduced the cutting-edge Centrifusion technology, a proprietary extraction mechanism, ensuring each cup is brewed to perfection. Simply insert your chosen capsule and engage the lever.

The machine identifies the barcode on the capsule, instigating up to 7,000 rpm to fuse the coffee grounds harmoniously with water, culminating in a delightful crema, the hallmark of an exquisite coffee.

Each blend is precisely brewed, thanks to the machine’s ability to read the capsule-specific barcodes, ensuring an optimal blend-to-cup result. Every VertuoPlus machine comes with a complimentary selection of Nespresso Vertuo capsules, each encapsulating distinct, alluring aroma profiles, inviting you on a journey through the world’s finest coffee experiences. Enjoy artisanal coffee quality, perfected by Nespresso’s expertise and innovative technology, with the VertuoPlus coffee machine.

Step into a world where every cup is a testament to coffee perfection, brought to life by the Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine – XN900840 – Piano Black – where your coffee dreams translate into delightful reality.

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Feature Detail
Product CategorySmall Appliances
Shop by Category (Appliances)Coffee Machines
Capsule TypeVertuo
Nespresso Machine ModelVertuo Plus
Coffee Machine TypeNespresso
Bean TypeCapsules
Water Capacity (Coffee Machines)1.7 l
Removable ReservoirYes
Drip TrayRemovable
Adjustable Cup StandYes
Power1260 W
Control TypeButtons
Auto Shut-offYes

Price Range

Based on websites on Google the average price range is between €209.95 – €269.99


Well what can I say about the AMAZING Nespresso VertuoPlus by Krups other than, it’s amazing! I’ve had a number of coffees from this machine already, from the great new mug setting down to an espresso and each hasn’t failed to impress both me and my husband. Ridiculously easy to use and set up, and I love the idea that the water compartment can be moved around to suit your kitchen style. The crema on top of the coffee is just like what you would expect to see in a specialty coffee shop and the smell of the coffee when it’s being made is like nothing I’ve experienced with a home machine before. Great product, great coffee and those mugs! Oh my gosh

– Kelly

We love this machine – it is so chic & Modern, yet produces the perfect cup of coffee every time! The soft touch opening mechanism is like having a new toy – every one wants a go!! The Virtuo is much quieter than previous Nespresso machines, and produces a perfect crema (frothy top to you and me!) each and every time. The illuminated power button is almost hypnotic as it spins with your caspule to produce your coffee. Then is disposes of your capsule for you too.

The capsules come in various sizes and flavours – we have yet to find one we don’t like!
The Virtuo is certainly more expensive than previous Nespresso machines, but it is worth every penny!

– Jobb

I’ve been using this for a few weeks and I honestly can’t imagine life without it now. It is sleek and looks good in the kitchen. From receiving the package to making a fantastic tasting and smelling coffee it took less than five minutes. It is simple to set up with good instructions. There are different pods you can buy each of which make a lovely crema. The machine is so intelligent it reads the barcode on each individual pod to make sure you get the perfect drink every time. The one touch system makes sure you have a barista style coffee in the comfort of your own home. I would recommend the Nespresso clear cups so you can see the artistry in every coffee.

– Selena

Where to Buy the Krups VertuoPlus Nespresso Coffee Machine

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