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Gaggia Classic 2019 SB SS 240V | Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

The latest incarnation of the Gaggia Classic encapsulates 80 years of esteemed tradition and craftsmanship. This modern iteration is engineered for the dedicated enthusiast who recognises that crafting an exemplary espresso is an art, steeped in attention to detail and precision. This machine is a tribute to the legacy of Achille Gaggia, ensuring each brew is adorned with an exquisite crema, echoing the quintessence of Italian espresso.

In the core of the Gaggia Classic, one discovers an ensemble of meticulously crafted components; the iconic traditional group, a robust solenoid valve, and the archetypal filter holder. Each element synergizes, offering the aficionado a level of control that transforms each brew into a masterpiece. The presence of a professional steam arm ensures that not only espressos but also cappuccinos are crowned with perfect microfoam, making each sip a lyrical ode to Italy’s esteemed coffee culture.

The Gaggia Classic, forged and finessed in Italy, is an epitome of style and technological precision, promising an espresso experience that is as profound as it is authentic. Each feature, each whisper of steam, articulates a story of tradition, rendering the Gaggia Classic not just a machine, but a custodian of Italy’s rich espresso heritage.

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Feature Details
Tank Size 2.1Ltr
Warranty 3 year Warranty
Frother Professional Steam Wand
Other Features Brass Chrome Filter Holder/Rocker Switch/Solenoid Valve/Anodized Coated Boiler
Coffee Types Manual – 3 baskets
Milk Types Manual
Body Stainless Steel
Dimensions L23 X H38 X D24 CM
Power 1300w
Pre-Ground Ground and ESE Pods
Cup Height 7cm [9cm with S/S Optional Drip Tray]

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €486 – €500


I just love this coffee machine

– Tom

It makes a quality coffee matched with a great grinder obviously opening a jar of coffee is much easier but it’s not really coffee

– Sean

Had my first classic for 15 years and kept it going with regular services and descaling. You can dial in a really good espresso and have a range if milk based coffees with the useful steam wand if you are not happy with the factory spec you can also mod as its mechanically quite straight forward. I will be getting a second now my old machine has finally become too expensive to repair.

– Glyn

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