Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine - BES875UK - Brushed Stainless Steel

Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine – BES875UK – Brushed Stainless Steel

We at love to go out and enjoy coffee, but sometimes you need to have the perfect cup of coffee at home. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine – BES875UK – Brushed Stainless Steel.

Indulge in the luxury of premium, barista-quality espresso right in the comfort of your home with the Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine – BES875UK. Crafted in elegant brushed stainless steel, this machine is your personal gateway to artisanal coffee experiences.

With the ability to transform beans into rich, aromatic espresso in under a minute, speed and quality go hand in hand. The freshness is unparalleled, as the Barista Express empowers you to grind your choice of beans immediately before extraction, unleashing the full spectrum of their flavors.

Equipped with interchangeable filters and options for both automatic and manual operation, this machine is designed for coffee enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a beginner eager to explore, achieving café-style results has never been more accessible or quicker.

Step into a world where each cup of coffee is a masterpiece of flavor, meticulously crafted to your preference, echoing the allure of your favorite café right in your own kitchen. With the Sage Barista Express, every brew is a journey to the epitome of coffee artistry, sans the barista.

Step into the world of exquisite coffee with, where the Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine – BES875UK – Brushed Stainless Steel awaits to elevate your coffee journey to new heights. Every brew crafted by this magnificent piece is a gateway to an exploration of profound flavors and exceptional aromas.

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Feature Detail
Product CategorySmall Appliances
Coffee Machine TypeBean To Cup
Bean TypeBeans & Ground Coffee
Water Capacity (Coffee Machines)2 l
Milk FrotherYes
Power1850 W
Control TypeDial
Width325 mm
Depth310 mm
Height400 mm
Warranty24 months
Labour Warranty24 months

Price Range

Based on websites on Google the average price range is between €624 – €649.95


Absolutely love this machine. After year of working from home I was using a small nespresso pod machine and getting coffee out was a treat. I looked into different machines to get and this brand and this machine came highly recommended online and by friends. I love having nice coffee each day and it is easy to use once use it a few times. Would recommend reading instructions and doing things step by step. I used to be a Barista so was fine using it but my sister used it and had a few questions but once went through all she is flying with her cappuccinos each day. Definitely worth the Investment

– Nathalie

Another great addition to my “Sage Family”. Great purchase! It’s very easy to make any type of coffee! Machine is very elegant and good quality.

– Kasia

I’m from one of the two countries in Europe that have a decent espresso everywhere you go and this little machine put a smile on my face on the first sip of coffee. Now I can make a proper coffee at home instead of some badly done espresso or, god forbid, a americano…

– Carlos

Where to Buy the Sage Barista Express Espresso Coffee Machine

Harvey NormanDID ElectricalDonaghy Bros

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