Featured Image - Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine - 22000 - Black

Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine – 22000 – Black

We at Coffeeshops.ie love to go out and enjoy coffee, but sometimes you need to have the perfect cup of coffee at home. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine – 22000 – Black. Unleash the coffee artist within you with the Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine – 22000 – Black, where every brew is an artwork in the making, and every sip is a dive into premium coffee excellence.

Indulge in the seamless blend of freshness and convenience with the Chester Grind and Brew Coffee Maker by Russell Hobbs, crafted for aficionados of rich, aromatic coffee. This gem offers the epitome of bean-to-cup freshness at the touch of a button. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a selection of grind options, empowers you to customize the richness of your brew. Tailored to your preference, choose the grind, strength, and quantity, then simply let the machine weave its magic, delivering delectable coffee in moments.

Timed to perfection, the coffee maker’s 24-hour digital programme feature is an ode to convenience. Set it to brew at your chosen hour, be it a rejuvenating morning cup, an afternoon delight, or a sophisticated after-dinner serving. The inclusion of a warming plate ensures each pot retains its warmth and freshness for up to 40 minutes, enhancing the longevity of your coffee experience.

Quiet Brew Technology makes this coffee maker a tranquil companion, operating at 60% quieter – a feature that’s particularly endearing for those serene, early morning brews or for those who appreciate a quieter operation. The permanent filter eliminates the hassle of disposable ones and comes with a removable holder for easy cleaning.

The machine’s digital grinder is a touch of modernity, offering coarse to fine grind options at the tip of your fingers. The water level window enhances usability, enabling easy monitoring of water levels. The ‘Pause and Pour’ feature stands out for those in need of a quick cup mid-brew, pausing the brewing process to pour a cup.

LCD display and a 1 – 4 cup option ensure a bespoke coffee experience tailored to individual needs, underscored by the Keep Warm Function that maintains the coffee’s inviting warmth. This quiet, efficient, and versatile coffee maker is not just an appliance but an experience, turning every cup into a symphony of flavor and aroma.

Step into a world where every cup is a testament to coffee perfection, brought to life by the Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine – 22000 – Black– where your coffee dreams translate into delightful reality.

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Feature Detail
BrandRussell Hobbs
Product CategorySmall Appliances
Coffee Machine TypeFilter Coffee
Bean TypeBeans & Ground Coffee
Power1025 W
Control TypeElectronic
Width316 mm
Depth220 mm
Height366 mm
Warranty36 months
Labour Warranty36 months

Price Range

Based on websites on Google the average price range is between €99 – €119.99


Really great coffee maker. Very happy. It grinds beans but can also use pre-ground so best of both worlds. No need for paper filters which is good but a little messy when cleaning. It’s quick too. While it’s brewing you can grab a quick cup mid brew and it doesn’t drip into the hot plate. Keeps the coffee warm up to 40 minutes and can also be set to grind and brew with a timer so set it the night before and it’s done for the morning.

– Alan

Would recommend this coffee machine. Obviously it depends on what beans you use, but I have found that any I do use work brilliantly with this easy to use machine. It’s very straight forward to use, no messing about and works a treat. The only thing that I find quite annoying is having to clean the filter after each use as there can be a lot of excess grinded beans left over. Would recommend this product none the less.

– Rebelbrian

Bought for Fiancée who loves coffee. Very happy with results. Makes a minimum of 4 cups, but keeps any unused coffee warm for that all important second cup in the morning. Have set it up in our home “office” and it’s great to have the smell of freshly ground coffee in the mornings.

– Colm

Where to Buy the Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine

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