Featured Image - Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix - Black

Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix – Black

We at Coffeeshops.ie love to go out and enjoy coffee, but sometimes you need to have the perfect cup of coffee at home. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix – Black. Unleash the coffee artist within you with the Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix – Black, where every brew is an artwork in the making, and every sip is a dive into premium coffee excellence.

The CitiZ machine, honored with a Red Dot award for its compact design, seamlessly fits into any modern kitchen without occupying excess space. Equipped with user-friendly features, it boasts two programmable buttons equipped with an automatic flow-stop for both Espresso and Lungo preparations and a folding cup tray to accommodate taller glass recipes. Its 19-bar high-performance pump ensures a barista-quality coffee every pour, extracting the intricate flavors and premium aromas encapsulated within each coffee capsule, and crafting a dense, rich crema.

The rapid heat-up system attains the optimal temperature in a mere 25 seconds. An automatic energy-saving feature powers the machine down after 9 minutes of non-use, contributing to efficiency. While maintaining its iconic design and refined finish, the CitiZ series of machines encapsulates Nespresso’s expertise, catering to a variety of coffee aficionados.

A complimentary welcome set of assorted Nespresso capsules, each boasting unique aromatic notes, is included with every machine.

Step into a world where every cup is a testament to coffee perfection, brought to life by the Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix – Black – where your coffee dreams translate into delightful reality.

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Feature Detail
Product CategorySmall Appliances
Capsule TypeOriginal
Nespresso Machine ModelCitiZ
Coffee Machine TypeNespresso
Bean TypeCapsules
Pump Pressure19 Bar
Water Capacity (Coffee Machines)1 l
Removable ReservoirYes
Descaling ProgrammeYes
Drip TrayRemovable
Adjustable Cup StandYes
Power1260 W
Control TypeButtons
Auto Shut-offYes
Width130 mm
Depth372 mm
Height277 mm
Weight3.3 kg
Warranty36 months

Price Range

Based on websites on Google the average price range is between €169.95 – €179.85


We have had several nespresso machines and so far this is my favourite (we have now bought one more for my son). We have had two before with the built in milk frother – so it mixes straight into the cup – but I have found they are not so reliable / consistent and more a pain to clean and use day to day. The Aeroccino used here is a big improvement and overall happy with this. Keep an eye on for sales – often listed for £225. We bought on sale at £199. Now at £183.

– Shanghai

Nice looking, sturdy Nespresso machine. Went for the Citiz model as it has a larger water tank (1 Ltr) and a bigger hopper than my previous machine. I’ve also found the coffee comes out hotter and the coffee measure slightly more generous than my old Essenza Mini model. This Citiz is much more robust, and not much more expensive for this upgrade (£10 more). Delighted with this product. Only minor downside is it’s quite noisy and made me jump the first time of use. Also, the coffee plate for espresso cup vibrates when the coffee starts to pour on this function. so be careful to make sure the cup is securely on plate and doesn’t slip off, spilling the espresso. I would have liked the water tank lid to be hinged, not separate from the tank, but I can live with that, and it does make it easier for cleaning. The advantage of the larger water tank, the bigger capacity hopper for collecting used capsules and hotter coffee is a winner for me, hence the 5 stars. Can recommend. Thank you.

– Annette

I just love this machine, I never drank coffee until I got this. Now I’m drinking about 5 a day, not good for me but makes the best coffee. I use the Lidl pods they work very well. I also have an unbranded milk frother which stands next to my machine and only use oat milk as this froths beautifully in my coffee. I didn’t buy the one with frother attached as quite a lot more expensive.

– Karen

Where to Buy the Nespresso CitiZ

Harvey NormanPower CityAmazon

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