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Quick Mill Evo 060 PID

The Quick Mill Evo 060 PID is engineered for coffee enthusiasts desiring precision and consistency in every grind. Encased in a polished 304 stainless steel body, its aesthetics are as impressive as its performance. At the heart of the Evo 060 is a powerful universal motor, working in harmony with steel D.43 mm grinding system, ensuring each bean is ground to perfection.

The device is equipped with a PID control, allowing users to adjust single and double doses seamlessly, offering full autonomy over the total quantity of coffee produced. A notable feature is its glass funnel-feeder, boasting a generous 400g capacity, ensuring that you have ample coffee ready for grinding, adjustable to your preference.

The coffee exit is newly designed to allow a natural wavering movement, ensuring a unique, aromatic coffee experience each time. The grinder also includes a supportive filter holder, enhancing usability. Every aspect of the Quick Mill Evo 060 PID is tailored to offer precision, convenience, and a touch of elegance to every coffee-making experience.

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Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.3 x 38.5 x 19.2 cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Voltage 230 Vac 50Hz, 115 Vac 60Hz
Power 130 W

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €369 – 461.


Super beautiful, high quality and programmable espresso grinder from Italy that grinds finely ground coffee ground to the point for super delicious Italian espresso.

– Amazon Friend

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