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Rancilio Rocky SD Refurbished

The Rancilio Rocky SD Refurbished stands out as an epitome of enduring excellence and functionality, ideal for the discerning home barista and light commercial use. Crafted with the precision and robust quality that defines Rancilio’s products, the Rocky grinder promises both aesthetic appeal and performance. The stainless steel back panel and base are framed by a heavy-duty black case aluminum structure, showcasing its commercial-quality build.

This grinder takes precision to another level with its 55 adjustable grind settings, accessed by a simple release lever and turn of the bean hopper. From the finesse of Turkish coffee and espresso to the coarser grounds for French press, the Rocky caters to the nuances of each brewing method with ease. The inclusion of a high-temperature overload switch safeguards the machine, indicative of Rancilio’s attention to detail and quality.

The heart of the Rocky SD is its formidable motor, shared with the commercial Rancilio MD40 grinder, reflecting its capacity to manage a commercial load with finesse. Complementing the motor, the 50mm flat plate grinding burrs, akin to those in the MD40, ensure consistency and longevity. Operation is straightforward – a switch located at the lower left front corner activates the grinder.

A unique feature of the Rocky SD Refurbished is its dosing mechanism, tailored for the espresso enthusiasts. The tinted plastic bean hopper and ground coffee container, complete with covers, ensure the freshness of the coffee is preserved, enhancing the aroma and flavors in each cup. Coffee is dispensed directly into the espresso machine portafilter, ensuring every brew begins with the freshest grounds. Even though it’s refurbished, every unit feels new and is assured to perform to the highest standards, bearing the quality hallmark of Rancilio.

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions (WxDxH) 12 x 25 x 35 cm
Weight 7 kg
Coffee bean container 300 g
Production 2.5-3.5 kg/h
Burrs diameter 50 mm
Voltage 110 V / 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 140 W
Version semi-automatic

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €280.00 – €330.00.


I happen to love the minimalist, industrial vibe that’s going on here – the Rocky definitely looks like something you’d see in a third wave cafe. 

– Arne

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