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Nemox Lux

The Nemox Lux is a professional-grade coffee grinder, exquisitely encased in a durable stainless steel body. This grinder is equipped with conical mills crafted from hardened, tempered steel, promising longevity and consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

At the heart of the Lux is a robust engine complemented by a reduction system, effectively lowering the speed from 10,200 to a mere 800 RPM. This meticulous engineering ensures the coffee is never overheated, thereby preserving the rich, authentic flavor profiles and aromatic essence of every bean.

With the Nemox Lux, each grind is a seamless fusion of precision and artistry, designed to encapsulate the quintessence of coffee’s alluring aroma and quality. Enjoy an unadulterated coffee experience where every sip is a testament to the Lux’s dedication to excellence.

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Responsive Table
Appliance Dimensions 95x180x300 mm
Net Weight 2 Kg
Shipping Carton 270x160x380 mm
Gross Weight 2.4 kg

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €199.00 – €350.00.


great product easy to use.

– Thomas

This little grinder is a hidden gem before i purchased there were very few reviews although i found a few on youtube . I decided to purchase from caffe italia because they offered excellent value on this machine. One of the other things that was eye catching for me anyway is the way the coffee comes out of the dispenser its lovely and fluffy and flows into your portafilter.

– Nick

excellent grinder that was used daily to make 1-3 cups of espresso. Lasted a full 9 years before finally kicking the bucket. 

– Mogz

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