Featured Image - Sage the Bambino Plus Coffee Machine - Brushed Stainless Steel

Sage the Bambino Plus Coffee Machine – Brushed Stainless Steel

The Bambino Plus is meticulously designed to meet the intricate requirements of third wave specialty coffee, ensuring no element of quality is sacrificed. Equipped with a 54mm portafilter that holds 19 grams, it guarantees a robust flavor in every cup. The machine boasts an automatic steam wand, capable of delivering microfoam at the ideal temperature, echoing the proficiency of the renowned Oracle Touch. The 3-second heat-up time and instant transition from extraction to steam enhance efficiency.

The machine’s automatic microfoam milk texturing feature stands out, allowing users to customize milk texture and temperature to their preference, ensuring each cup is adorned with barista-quality micro-foam, pivotal for flavour enhancement and latte art creation. Thanks to the innovative ThermoJet heating system, coffee enthusiasts can indulge in their favourite brews without delay, as it attains the optimal extraction temperature in a mere 3 seconds.

Every espresso pulled is a harmony of taste, attributed to the 19-gram dose housed in the 54mm portafilter, a hallmark of cafe-quality, full-flavoured coffee. The infusion process is refined; a low-pressure pre-infusion elevates the flavors, ensuring an evenly balanced taste. Precision in espresso extraction is achieved through the Digital Temperature Control (PID), which dispenses water at the exact temperature needed for optimal extraction. The auto purge feature is the final touch, automatically cleansing the heat system post-steaming, guaranteeing that every new espresso is extracted at the perfect temperature.

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Feature Details
Brand Sage
Product Category Small Appliances
Coffee Machine Type Espresso
Bean Type Ground
Type Automatic
Water Capacity (Coffee Machines) 1.9 l
Water Level Indicator Yes
Drip Tray Removable
Power 1600 W
Control Type Buttons
Dimensions (W x D x H) 194 mm x 362 mm x 304 mm
Warranty 24 months

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €349.99 – €529.90


It perfect for small homes. We love our coffee and this has been the best partner in our coffee experience. It takes a few days to get the perfect shot but once you dial it you get consistent barista quality drinks right at home. We have tried with different coffee beans and really impressed how this performs each time. Milk texturing it perfect for our liking, i like it extra hot with less foam and this just the right setting for it. Only niggle is that the machine is too light, you need to hold it tight when you fit the portafilter but you will get used to it when you do it regularly. All in all we are pleased with this little guy.

– Preetam

I had spent quite a lot of time researching for a high quality home coffee machine before deciding on the Bambino Plus. In the 6 months I had it, it really had exceeded all of my expectations. It is a simple to use, no-fuss machine that consistently turn out high-quality coffee with minimal preparation – its perfect for anyone who want great coffee at home without acquiring skills more befitting of a professional barista. The only slight negative is that the required maintenance (descaling, cleaning…etc) can be a little fiddly but the customer service team are very helpful in helping me resolving some of the questions I had.

– Selina

We have had our Bambino for about 3 months and have been enjoying it every day. It is very easy to use and maintain. The automatic milk steaming works really well and is very consistent. It also makes drinks nice and hot which we prefer. We have also now stepped up to an unpressurised basket and a Sage coffee grinder. We have found using fresh beans much improves the coffee taste. The only downside with Sage is the out of stock accessories on the web site. We need to order a new filter but they are not currently in stock. Probably down to the current situation. We would wholly recommend the Bambino Plus.

– Nigel

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