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Profitec PROT64

The Profitec ProT64 stands out as a high-performance professional grinder, embodying a marriage of ease of use and optimal functionality. Encased in a robust, high-end stainless steel housing adorned with Plexiglas side panels, it boasts a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Efficiency is at the forefront of the ProT64’s design: users can effortlessly insert the portafilter and activate the pre-programmed portioning button to initiate the grinding, which is meticulously calibrated to 10th of a second increments, ensuring consistency and precision.

The grinder’s timer and integrated quantity counter are displayed, adding an element of tech-savvy sophistication. Adjusting the grind is seamless, offering baristas full control over the texture. With its height-adjustable fitting, the ProT64 supports free-handed operation, easing the coffee-making process.

The tinted 500g bean hopper and aluminum grinding mechanism underline the grinder’s premium build, while the catching tray ensures cleanliness, making the ProT64 a combination of elegance, efficiency, and excellence.


Technical Specifications
Specification Details
Voltage 220-240 V • 50-60 hz
Power 300 W
Start Pulse button
Rpm 1380-1650 rpm
Net Weight 7,9 Kg
Gross Weight 8,8 Kg
Dimensions 178x212x440 mm
Burrs ø 64
Hopper Capacity 600 g
Note Additional voltage models available

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €715.00 – €886.00.


This grinder is fast and reasonably quiet. I did find that out of the box the burrs needed quite a bit of adjustment to dial in. The portafilter holder works well with minimal (if any) mess due to stray grinds.

– Jetblack Espresso

Where to Buy the Profitec PROT64

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