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We at Coffeeshops.ie love to go out and enjoy coffee, but sometimes you need to have the perfect cup of coffee at home. That’s why we’ve reviewed the Lavazza Desea Pod Coffee Machine. Unleash the coffee artist within you with the Lavazza Desea Pod Coffee Machine, where every brew is an artwork in the making, and every sip is a dive into premium coffee excellence.

The Desea is a blend of elegance and modernity, adorned with an intuitive touch interface and a refined glass mug for a sophisticated touch. It’s not just a coffee machine, but an art piece that makes savoring favorite coffee or milk recipes a simple pleasure. With its One-Touch Barista feature, creating a perfect cappuccino, a large one, latte macchiato, hot or cold frothed milk, or an exquisite espresso becomes a breeze. Each beverage is crafted with precision, echoing the mastery of a personal barista right in the comfort of your home.

Desea’s innovation is woven into its simplicity and user-friendly design. Its one-touch interface is a culmination of technology that doesn’t compromise ease, allowing each brew to be prepared with a single touch. Gentle sound alerts chime to announce that your meticulously crafted drink is ready to be savored, ensuring an experience that combines technological brilliance with utmost convenience.

And as you immerse in the rich flavors of your chosen brew, Desea guarantees a serene experience, being the quietest machine in its class. Every hum and buzz is muted to below 43 dB, ensuring that each sip is a journey into the depths of flavor, undisturbed and pure. With Desea, the pleasure of coffee is both a visual and sensory journey, designed to delight the connoisseur in you.

Step into a world where every cup is a testament to coffee perfection, brought to life by the Lavazza Desea Pod Coffee Machine – where your coffee dreams translate into delightful reality.

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Lavazza Coffee Machine Specs
Feature Detail
Brand Lavazza
Product Category Small Appliances
Coffee Machine Type Pod
Bean Type Pods
Water Capacity (Coffee Machines) 1.1 l
Milk Frother Yes
Adjustable Cup Stand Yes
Power 1500 W
Control Type Touch
Touchscreen Yes
Auto Shut-off Yes
Width 417 mm
Depth 145 mm
Height 280 mm
Weight 5 kg
Warranty 24 months

Price Range

Based on websites on Google, the average price range is between €199.99 – €289


Very good product. Great value for money if your a coffee drinker. Nice and quiet compared to other machines

– Jordan

Really pleased with this machine. It’s not noisy and makes really decent coffees. Delivery was really fast from harvey norman. Highly recommend

– J McGrath

I love this machine, it’s very easy to use, the water container is big enough for a full days use and the frother is a big hit with the kids.

– Alison

Where to Buy the Lavazza Desea Pod Coffee Machine

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